"The Cafe Phenomenon" refers to a situation, specifically in a 
cafe,  where you are sitting with a friend and engaging in 
conversation with them, but you suddenly find yourself unable 
to listen  because the background noise of the cafe distracts
you from what they are saying  (the background noise could be
anything: the gossip at the next table for example). It 
happens that, from time to time, the background noise is 
stronger and more defined in certain contexts than our 
personal and private conversations. Our blog, made up of a 
group of friends from Concordia's journalism program, can 
serve as the background noise - penetrating the intimate 
discussions of our virtual cafe dwellers (hopefully adding
insight, relevant coverage,  and interesting ideas). Or it
can be the friend with whom you are deep in conversation.
This, our dear readers, we leave to you.

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