Chris Hanna


When there’s a race or car chase happening in Need for Speed, the latest in a long line of video game franchises getting the big-screen treatment, few things can stop it. But the ride gets bumpy when the action stops or anyone speaks.

Directed by Scott Waugh with a script by George Gatins, Need for Speed thrives on its stunts, which is no surprise given the director’s background: Waugh has more than 40 stunt credits including stunt-heavy films like Mr. and Mrs. SmithTorqueSpider-Man and The Scorpion King. Kudos to stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert: two scenes in particular in Need for Speed were equal parts thrilling, unbelievable and ridiculous (the refuelling and chopper bits – you’ll know them when you see them) , and if the rest of the movie adhered to that philosophy, I might get excited about the prospect of Need for Speed becoming the…

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