Golden Globes

If we could vote …

Best Motion Picture – Drama

12 Years a Slave
Captain Phillips

Do you vote for the movie that’s perfect in almost every way a movie can be, or the movie that pushed filmmaking into new territory? I am torn between Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, but I am giving the edge – and my vote – to Gravity. – Chris Hanna

My vote goes to Gravity for best drama. It was stunning to look at, and while the scenario was hardly breaking any new ground it was still a very compelling story about our innate fear of dying alone, and arguably the best space movie since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. – Radina Papukchieva

Despite the fact that Captain Phillips can be used to teach a master class in “building tension on screen”, my vote also goes to Gravity. The cinematography is breathtaking, the two-person cast is courageous and effective, and Cuarón never disappoints. Sophia Loffreda

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

American Hustle
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wolf of Wall Street

This year, and for my taste, the musical or comedy category has a much stronger lineup of films than the drama category. My vote here goes to Martin Scorsese’s excellent, frenetic, funny, excessive The Wolf of Wall Street, my favourite movie of 2013– Chris Hanna

I agree with Chris; the musical or comedy category has a much stronger line-up than the drama category this year. Two of my favorite movies from 2013 – Inside Llewyn Davis and The Wolf of Wall Street – are nominated so I’m very torn, but my vote goes to Scorsese’s self-indulgent, risky, and all-the-way insane Wolf. Not only does it stand out with its boldness, but it reaffirms Scorsese as the best director of all time. Period. – Radina Papukchieva

I thought about refraining from this category, but that would displease the Hollywood Foreign Press as I know they’re reading this. Duh. Out of respect for them, I would like to toss a coin between Nebraska and Inside Llewyn Davis, which were my two favourite in this category. My love for Marty & Leo means I’ll be happy if Wolf wins (which I’m guessing it will). But my vote would have gone to Nebraska (for it’s black and white simplicity, it’s hilariously heartwarming performances, and it’s simultaneously heartbreaking truth) or Llewyn (the film tip toes, but you can’t dismiss Coen brothers masterpiece). -Sophia Loffreda


Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave
Idris Elba for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips
Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club
Robert Redford for All Is Lost

I loved 12 Years a Slave enough to rank it no. 6 on my top-10 list for 2013, and Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of the reasons. – Chris Hanna

I’m going to have to disagree with Mr. Hanna on this one. Captain Phillips had me on the edge of my seat, literally. I haven’t been that stressed at the movies since Zero Dark Thirty. The tension, the heightened emotion, the explosive conclusion – the entire film was a believable nightmare because of Hanks. He’s made some bad choices in the past, but his last scenes are worthy of multiple Golden Globes. My vote, goes to him. -Sophia Loffreda

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama

Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine
Sandra Bullock for Gravity
Judi Dench for Philomena
Emma Thompson for Saving Mr. Banks
Kate Winslet for Labor Day

Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine. Blanchett’s great, but she’s never been this great. – Chris Hanna

Cate Blanchett is going to win the Globe and then the Oscar. That’s all I have to say.  She was magnificent, as usual, in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and considering that Allen is famous for giving his actors minimal direction, this role is only testament to Blanchett’s immense capabilities as an actor. While an ensemble piece, like all of the director’s work, Blue Jasmine it singled out Blanchett. It’s as much her film as it is Allen’s. – Radina Papukchieva


Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Christian Bale for American Hustle
Bruce Dern for Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street
Oscar Isaac for Inside Llewyn Davis
Joaquin Phoenix for Her

Leo’s ninth nomination (he won one, for The Aviator) is for my favourite film of 2013, The Wolf of Wall Street, but my vote goes to Oscar Isaac for his work in Inside Llewyn DavisHe’s a long shot/dark horse, like Llewyn Davis. – Chris Hanna

I really hope that this is Leo’s year. Like Meryl Streep, he gets nominated for everything he does, and then always gets snubbed. He should win the Globe, and then the Oscar (long shot, I know, weak-hearted Academy). DiCaprio is in every single scene of Wolf, and I would argue that this is his best role to date. As Jordan Belfort, he gave us the perverted version of a modern day Gatsby and I would liken his achievement to that of Blanchett in Blue Jasmine: when an actor dominates your attention for the entire length of a film then you know they deserve the recognition. – Radina Papukchieva

Like Radina says, I really hope Leo finally takes home the Golden Globe and then the Oscar. When I think of actors who deserve way more than what they are given credit for, I always think of Leo. However, Oscar Isaac is perfection in Inside Llewyn Davis. I believe DiCaprio deserves this one, but let’s keep our eyes on Isaac, he might surprise us all. -Sophia Loffreda


Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Amy Adams for American Hustle
Julie Delpy for Before Midnight
Greta Gerwig for Frances Ha
Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Enough Said
Meryl Streep for August: Osage County

Great ones to choose from. My vote is for Amy Adams, who ran the show in American Hustle before Jennifer Lawrence stole it. This is Adams’ fifth Golden Globe nomination. No wins. – Chris Hanna

I think that Amy Adams is one of the most underrated Hollywood actresses out there, consistently doing good work with every role she picks. I also loved Greta Gerwig in Frances Ha, but I think the award should go to Adams for her fierce performance in American Hustle. – Radina Papukchieva

Amy Adams hasn’t won a Globe yet?!? I paid very little attention to this supremely talented actress until seeing her in David O. Russell’s The Fighter. She is captivating every time she’s on screen in American Hustle. You can’t take your eyes off her cleavage, but you also can’t help but galk at the glory of her portrayal of high-class criminal, Edith Greensley. Meryl’s excellence is no surprise to anyone. Give the award to Adams, it’s her year. -Sophia Loffreda


Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Barkhad Abdi for Captain Phillips
Daniel Brühl for Rush
Bradley Cooper for American Hustle
Michael Fassbender for 12 Years a Slave
Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club

Will not be a contrarian. Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club. Quebec’s Jean-Marc Vallée directs one of the best acted movies of the year. – Chris Hanna

I didn’t see Dallas Buyers Club yet, but Jared Leto looks crazy good in it.  Not to mention he looks better in make-up and a dress than I do. – Radina Papukchieva


Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Sally Hawkins for Blue Jasmine
Jennifer Lawrence for American Hustle
Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years a Slave
Julia Roberts for August: Osage County
June Squibb for Nebraska

Jennifer Lawrence was fun in American Hustle, but Lupita Nyong’o broke my heart in 12 Years a Slave– Chris Hanna

This is a tough one. I would go with Lupita Nyong’o, but Sally Hawkins and Jennifer Lawrence were both great too. Tough call, but I’ll place my bet on Nyong’o– Radina Papukchieva


Best Director – Motion Picture

Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity
Paul Greengrass for Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen for 12 Years a Slave
David O. Russell for American Hustle
Alexander Payne for Nebraska

I have to go with Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity, but David O. Russell and Steve McQueen are more than worthy. – Chris Hanna

This is a tough category and there is one huge omission. Where’s Scorsese? If I had to pick I would vote for Cuarón– Radina Papukchieva

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

12 Years a SlaveJohn Ridley
American HustleEric SingerDavid O. Russell
HerSpike Jonze
NebraskaBob Nelson
PhilomenaSteve CooganJeff Pope

The Golden Globes don’t distinguish between adapted and original screenplays like the Oscars do. The last two winners in this category were original screenplays by Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained) and Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris). My vote goes to Spike Jonze for his original screenplay for Her– Chris Hanna

My vote, and my heart go to Spike Jonze’s terrific and heartbreaking Her– Radina Papukchieva


Best Original Song – Motion Picture

Frozen: “Let It Go”
Inside Llewyn Davis: “Please Mr. Kennedy”
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: “Atlas”
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom: “Ordinary Love”
One Chance: “Sweeter Than Fiction”

I’m going with “Let it Go” because it’s such a throwback to the animated Disney musicals from the ’90s. – Chris Hanna

Inside Llewyn Davis has such a terrific soundtrack, the Best Song should go to “Please, Mr. Kennedy. – Radina Papukchieva

Best Original Score – Motion Picture

Best Animated Film

The Croods
Despicable Me 2

Frozen, for the songs and the singing, but 2013 was one of the weakest years for animation in memory. – Chris Hanna

This category is a joke.. – Radina Papukchieva

Best Foreign Language Film

Blue Is the Warmest Color
The Great Beauty
Jagten (The Hunt)
The Past
The Wind Rises

Blue Is the Warmest Colour, for the great performances by Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, but I have to admit it is the only nominee I have seen. I missed The Hunt when it was in limited release, and the other three only come out in 2014 in Montreal– Chris Hanna

Great year for foreign films, and I really can’t decide which one should be the winner. I’m torn between Blue is the Warmest Color and The Great Beauty, both of which made waves at all of the major film festivals this past year.. – Radina Papukchieva

Best Television Series – Drama 

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
The Good Wife
House of Cards
Masters of Sex

Breaking Bad because the final season was exhilarating and very, very satisfying. – Chris Hanna

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy

The Big Bang Theory
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation

No Veep? OK … Parks and Recreation, because after five seasons it’s still funny, more than tolerable and it has the best cast on network television. – Chris Hanna

Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama

Bryan Cranston. (If this was radio, I would say “Bryan Cranston, full stop.”) – Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama

Maybe the most contested category. Also the most fun with the most deserving nominees. I would love to see Kerry Washington win for Scandal, but I am going to vote for Canadian Tatiana Maslany for her awesome work in Orphan Black– Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Don Cheadle for House of Lies
Jason Bateman for Arrested Development
Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory
Michael J. Fox for The Michael J. Fox Show
Andy Samberg for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

None of the nominees stand out for me. I’m voting Michael J. Fox because I actually think his new show is sweet and sometimes funny. – Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Lena Dunham for Girls
Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie
Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep
Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation
Zooey Deschanel for New Girl

Amy Poehler will more than shine as co-host of the Globes; Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the funniest women on the planet and she rocks on Veep– Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Matt Damon for Behind the Candelabra
Michael Douglas for Behind the Candelabra
Al Pacino for Phil Spector
Idris Elba for Luther
Chiwetel Ejiofor for Dancing on the Edge

Michael Douglas in Steven Soderbergh’s excellent HBO biopic Behind the Candelabra– Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Jessica Lange for American Horror Story
Helen Mirren for Phil Spector
Elisabeth Moss for Top of the Lake
Helena Bonham Carter for Burton and Taylor
Rebecca Ferguson for The White Queen

I want to vote Jessica Lange for making the Asylum series of American Horror Story episodes bearable, but I am going to vote Elisabeth Moss in honour of the Mad Men snub. – Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad
Jon Voight for Ray Donovan
Corey Stoll for House of Cards
Rob Lowe for Behind the Candelabra
Josh Charles for The Good Wife

One of the quirkier Golden Globes quirks is this category, a mishmash of actors in supporting roles from any genre and type of program. Half-hour sitcom? TV movie? Mini-series? All welcome! For portraying one of the best supporting characters on television ever, I vote Aaron Paul, bitch. – Chris Hanna

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Sofía Vergara for Modern Family
Janet McTeer for The White Queen
Monica Potter for Parenthood
Hayden Panettiere for Nashville
Jacqueline Bisset for Dancing on the Edge

So weird that all of these actresses are vying for the same award for doing such different things on such different programs. I’m voting Hayden Panettiere here because I think she holds her own next to the great Connie Britton on the inconsistent, soapy Nashville. Confession: I’ve bought songs from the Nashville soundtracks off iTunes. – Chris Hanna

Nominees and links via IMDb.


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