Lightning storm – South Carolina, U. S. A. 

There’s just something about a wicked storm. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it rains every afternoon for about an hour. Then before you can blink, the sky is clear again – as blue as the water below it, and as peaceful as the pond full of swans near the beach.

On our last night, we witnessed our first real storm. A tornado was passing through the region and although it missed South Carolina, it did leave a few destructive souvenirs in its wake. When the rain started to beat down, and the sky turned black (not grey, but apocalypse-like black) people sprinted through the parking lot, towels over their heads, panic on their faces. I watched calmly from our balcony, in awe of the wild lightning and thunder. Just like in the movies, the sky would flash a bright white every few minutes, lightning would twist across the sky, and the ground would shake from the thunderous roar. It was the craziest storm I have ever seen, and the most gorgeous. Standing near the metal railing, snapping dozens of shots, was probably not the brightest idea… but with every crackle I felt a little more hardcore.

Photo and write-up by Sophia Loffreda



About The Cafe Phenomenon

"The Cafe Phenomenon" refers to a situation, specifically in a cafe, where you are sitting with a friend and engaging in conversation with them, but you suddenly find yourself unable to listen because the background noise of the cafe distracts you from what they are saying (the background noise could be any thing: the gossip at the next table for example). It happens that, from time to time, in certain contexts the background noise is stronger and more defined than our personal and private one on one conversations. Our blog, made up of a group of friends from Concordia's journalism program, can serve as the background noise penetrating the intimate discussions of our virtual cafe dwellers (hopefully adding insight, relevant coverage, and interesting ideas). Or it can be the friend with whom you are deep in conversation. This, our dear readers, we leave to you.

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