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“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

This week’s photos, our Winter Portraits series, are inspired by the black and white photography of the admirable and ingenious Irving Penn, master of portraiture. What’s so wonderful about black and white is that it really allows a sense of truth to come through – it can get rid of the background noise and the chaos, granting you a direct look into someone’s soul. The gorgeous models featured in this shoot are two of our very own writers, Ms. Trozzo in red and Ms. Papukchieva in purple. I may be biased, since they’re two of my absolute favourite people, but I really do think it takes a certain uniqueness and spirit to make a photo come alive. They graciously agreed to let me follow them around NDG with my camera, in the freezing cold, while snow stuck to their eyelashes and froze their toes. Such troopers!

Initially the series was supposed to be entirely in black and white, but the contrast of their bright winter clothes against the snow and branches was interesting. So, instead, we’ve included the best of both photo worlds. What did we learn from the experience? Well, winter may be brutal, but there are times when it can bring us a perfect kind of peace.

Photography and write-up by Sophia Loffreda

Models: Sophia Trozzo, Radina Papukchieva


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