The SAG Awards were held in LA on Sunday night and in typical SAG fashion no one really over extended themselves in the style department. Seems that everyone is holding out for that perfect Oscar gown. Still, there were a few who stood out from the crowd and surprisingly enough, the men really went above and beyond in this one.

Anne Hathaway in Giambattista Valli Couture

Alright, it’s nothing special, but she does look pretty, and the fact the she went for something simple instead of all that crazy she was pulling out of the hat for her Les Mis tour is a nice break. Also, I don’t care what anyone says, I love that pixie haircut on her.

Amanada Seyfried in Zac Posen

This dress is a beautiful colour that suits her perfectly. The detail on the skirt really makes it too. The only thing I’m not feeling is the picture frame she seems to have hung from her neck.

Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford

Love a man in a blue suit. Now cut your hair.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Miss Lawrence has been rocking that Dior up an down every red carpet this awards season (expected since she’s the fact of their latest campaign). This dress is pretty enough and the fact that the skirt is made up of a few seperate peices keeps in interesting. The colour is also very nice on her (midnight blue seems to be trending), but I’m willing to bet she’s saving the big guns for Oscar night. Would love to see her go for something totally shocking, she’s nominated after all…

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen

Miss Chastain brought on a lot of Jessica Rabbit comparisons in this number, but you cant deny this girl was born to wear McQueen. It was just the tiniest bit too tight, otherwise she would have definitely earned the best dressed nod.

Jim Parsons in John Varvatos

Another man who just knows how to keep things interesting. Who says a red carpet means you have to wear black?

Kiernan Shipka in Oscar de la Renta

I cannot wait to see this girl’s style evolution. At 13 she knows exactly what works for her (or at least her stylist does) and always looks age appropriate and beautiful.

Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford

My first instinct when I saw Justin was, “what the hell is he wearing?!” But when you take the time to look at this suit closely it’s very well fitted, the pants are perfectly hemmed and the man took a chance. The tie goes perfectly with the style and colour of the suit. No complaints here.

Nicole Kidman in Vivienne Westwood

Whenever I see Nicole Kidman on a red carpet I have to psych myself up for disappointment. She has so much to work with and yet always manages to come up short. Not this time though. The detail on this dress is nothing short of spectacular and even the visible undergarments are done in a tasteful way. Bold and beautiful.

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

I might be partial because I have a slight girl crush on Ms. Cotillard, but she was hands down the best dressed of the night. From the hair, to the makeup and finally, the dress, this is a lady who know how to rock Dior and the red carpet.


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