It’s tough being a teenager. Cinema has recorded that with much gusto, from The Breakfast Club all the way to Mean Girls. While these movies ring true, hence their cult status, they don’t exactly focus on emotionally disturbed misfits.

Stephen Chbosky (screenwriter of the Rent movie) wrote and directed The Perks of Being a Wallflower (based on his own critically acclaimed novel), a bittersweet coming-of-age tale with a good dose of psychological distress. Charlie (a new star is born in Logan Lerman) is an introverted freshman who has trouble making friends until he befriends senior Patrick (Ezra Miller), an outsider whom the rest of the kids at school call “nothing.” Patrick then introduces him to his step-sister Sam (a stand-out Emma Watson), and the three become inseparable.

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By Radina Papukchieva

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About Radina Papukchieva

Radina Papukchieva came to live in, be consumed by, and love Montreal in 2003 from Bulgaria, with her mother and little sister. She is still a semester away from graduating from Concordia University, where she is doing a double major in journalism and communication and cultural studies, as well as a minor in film studies. Her interests include film, TV, and popular culture. And Woody Allen. She is a film writer for and co-creator of The Cafe Phenomenon. Her list of inspirational people includes Tina Fey, primarily. Among her other interests are music, art, literature, and of course, food. Her film reviews have appeared in The Concordian and The Mirror.

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