Ste Catherine Street, Montreal – near Place des Arts

There’s nothing like a long walk with friends on a beautiful summer night to make you realize just how awesome your city really is.

Take it from someone who has had a very hot and cold relationship with her hometown of Montreal – it’s much easier to admire greener pastures (New York, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Florence) than it is to learn to appreciate your own. But summer in Montreal is absolutely glorious. That’s a fact. The whole city comes alive once May rolls around. Really, after months of the most torturous of winters, who can blame us? We have a lot to make up for!

This picture was taken while strolling along Ste Catherine Street one night with fellow Cafe Phenomenon contributors, Sophia Trozzo and Radina Papukchieva. Not only did we get a chance to witness Place des Arts in all of its summer glory, but we also walked past the painter featured in this picture. He wasn’t painting for anyone in particular, he set up camp where he felt most comfortable and probably most inspired. He didn’t need a studio, or even a specific time. That in itself is admirable to me. This moment/picture reminds me of how important it is to pay attention to cool things like this when they pass you by (or when you pass them), and of how easy it is to do what you love.

By Sophia Loffreda 

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About Sophia Loffreda

Sophia Loffreda is a Concordia Journalism graduate, based in Montreal. When she’s not writing or editing for TCP, she works at a Media company, and as a fitness trainer and freelance documentary filmmaker. A self-diagnosed television junkie, Sophia enjoys camera work, photography, layout design, and scriptwriting. She's also working on writing a sitcom with two of her closest and most sarcastic friends. One day they hope to be something like Shonda Rhimes or Tina Fey. Realistic, we know. For now, she’ll settle for reading her bible (Vanity Fair) and admiring genius (Woody Allen). Her other interests include art, pop culture, travel, cooking, reading, soccer, yoga, and running with her four-year-old dog, Charlie.

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