Berlin, Germany – Part of Berlin’s East Side Gallery, a long stretch of what used to be the Berlin Wall that is still preserved today by artist’s around the world to promote tolerance, love, and evolution.

This photo of the week might seem random to some, but considering the current unrest and ongoing protests taking over our seemingly peaceful city of Montreal, it seemed appropriate.

No matter what your politics, your moral stance, your obligations, your debt, your beliefs, or your frustrations, the past can always serve to remind us of what we easily forget. We are all human. This is not to equate our situation with the Berlin Wall. Not at all! But the artists that created this had a point.

The last few days have been nothing short of chaotic, and the next few weeks will most probably unfold in the same manner. Everyone has an opinion on the matter. Some will find their ideas to be extremely different from their neighbour’s. Others will find like minded individuals amongst the crowds.

When I saw this photo and decided to share it as our photo of the week, I wasn’t thinking of choosing sides or of writing a lengthy opinions piece. After seeing photos of a cop car flipped over and vandalized, as well as hundreds of protesters running from police after having thrown rocks at store windows, I thought it might be important to just stand back and remember why all of this started. It’s so easy to get caught up in it all!

Let’s just keep in mind that we have every right to fight for education. It is the driving force behind our evolution and our development. But, we are also entitled to our own opinions. No one should be mocked, harassed, berated.

Instead, let’s fight for what we want to change. No need to fight each other.


By Sophia Loffreda

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About Sophia Loffreda

Sophia Loffreda is a Concordia Journalism graduate, based in Montreal. When she’s not writing or editing for TCP, she works at a Media company, and as a fitness trainer and freelance documentary filmmaker. A self-diagnosed television junkie, Sophia enjoys camera work, photography, layout design, and scriptwriting. She's also working on writing a sitcom with two of her closest and most sarcastic friends. One day they hope to be something like Shonda Rhimes or Tina Fey. Realistic, we know. For now, she’ll settle for reading her bible (Vanity Fair) and admiring genius (Woody Allen). Her other interests include art, pop culture, travel, cooking, reading, soccer, yoga, and running with her four-year-old dog, Charlie.

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