They’re almost here!!! And Hollywood’s love-me-or-hate-me host, Ricky Gervais, returns to the Globes this Sunday for what promises to be another scandalous ceremony. The King of roasting celebrities, Gervais’ photo for the 2012 Golden Globes promo poster pretty much says it all.

He’s gotten some slack for his comments in the past, but the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are a loyal bunch. They’ve invited The Office creator to take back his throne, and they’re not afraid to tell the world “hey, you know you love it”.

Will Gervais tone it down this year? Probably not.

Will he throw a zinger Ryan Gosling’s way? It’s very possible.

Will our movie critic and Globes commentator, Radina Papukchieva, run to his defence? Every. Time.

It certainly will make for some good television.

So tune in to the events this Sunday night to gawk at your favourite T.V. and movie personalities. Once that’s done check out our post-show recap and commentary. We’ll have the best-dressed list, a run-down of the night’s big winners, the show’s highlights, Gervais’ best material and our favourite speeches of the night.

We’ll see YOU Sunday.


About Sophia Loffreda

Sophia Loffreda is a Concordia Journalism graduate, based in Montreal. When she’s not writing or editing for TCP, she works at a Media company, and as a fitness trainer and freelance documentary filmmaker. A self-diagnosed television junkie, Sophia enjoys camera work, photography, layout design, and scriptwriting. She's also working on writing a sitcom with two of her closest and most sarcastic friends. One day they hope to be something like Shonda Rhimes or Tina Fey. Realistic, we know. For now, she’ll settle for reading her bible (Vanity Fair) and admiring genius (Woody Allen). Her other interests include art, pop culture, travel, cooking, reading, soccer, yoga, and running with her four-year-old dog, Charlie.

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